Every Marvin window is made-to-order, customized for your home. This brand of windows offers craftsman-quality construction with energy-efficient technology in the industry’s most extensive selection of shapes, styles and sizes.

Integrity, UltrexⓇ Series

This is a brand built around you on a heritage of quality and innovation. The Marvin brand of windows is continually transforming the industry with their creativity, customization and high-performance, energy-efficient options.

The durability of the Integrity line is ensured by the UltrexⓇ fiberglass, which is a pultruded fiberglass construction material that is superior to both roll-form aluminum as well as vinyl. UltrexⓇ is three times stronger than mixed wood and vinyl composites and eight times stronger than vinyl.

Even in the extreme Texas heat, the Integrity product line from Marvin is resistant to harsh corrosives and UV rays, enabling these windows to have a life expectancy roughly 38% higher than vinyl. The expansion rate of this project ensures that the window’s seal is continually intact, safeguarding the windows against leaks.

The mechanically-bonded Ultrex finish is consistent and reliable, making it a perfect choice for your home window solutions. Durability is essential when choosing a window line for your home, and at Encore Windows, we believe in the durable quality of Integrity from Marvin.